Barton under Needwood Parish Council

Musings from our Local Newshound


A discovery recently interested me as I come from Wiltshire, the home of Stonehenge which is about 5,000 years old. A Neolithic circle of deep shafts have been found, all vastly deep and certainly dating from around 4,500 years ago possibly a kind of protection for Stonehenge.


Think of the many ages of history which have passed since then! Many many episodes which could have caused intense anxiety.


This week has seen the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, the Patron Saint of John Taylor, on June 24th.  For many years, this day was observed as the anniversary of St James Church (which is 487 years old this year being consecrated in 1533) as the exact day is not known. Think then of the many causes and anxieties since then, the ruthless time of Henry VIII, the Commonwealth, countless wars over  the years, anxiety for folk because of happenings near and far.


And so today, we are again in a time of concern and anxiety. We are conscious of all who have supported us and continue to do so. Remember Sunday July 5th at 5p.m. when there is a National Hand Clap of thanks on the 72nd Anniversary of the National Health Service, which began in 1948.


Alongside this, there are those day to day events which are special at the time. If you follow football, the strange option of a crowd-less stadium with crowd noises supplied by Sky or the BBC. Worth comment now, but in the future forgotten. Great Scarecrow making this year, replaced with new scarecrows next year. Traffic lights on the A38 Bridge annoying perhaps now but will quite soon be forgotten.


So, let us reflect on many things over the centuries, important in their own right. Coronavirus is with us now, recall the Hand of God has always been there, and is there for us now at this time. Perhaps we could think ‘ You’ll never walk alone’ as sung out by Liverpool fans in celebration of being Premier League winners for  the first time for 30 years!

Tony Wood was Vicar of Barton for some years, he now lives in Branston.  He is also our local Newshound writing regularly for the Lichfield Mercury.  We are delighted to be able to share his musings on a weekly basis as he himself is in social isolation.  We hope it will put a smile on your face and perhaps provide some comfort in these difficult times.

Dawn Chorus stonehenge