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Musings from our Local Newshound




I discovered on Tuesday it was Derbyshire Day! Folk spoke on Radio Derby about aspects of the county they love. My thoughts went to Staffordshire Day, some do not know it is May 1st, a day which I associate with the Well Dressing at Newborough!


Do we think about aspects of this county, near and far? People travel literally thousands of miles even from abroad to visit the National Memorial Arboretum, and we have it in the next village! If we wish to share a magnificent ancient building we need go no farther than Lichfield Cathedral.


We take things for granted and not always appreciating what is ‘on the doorstep’. My  mate Dan, who is my Personal Trainer, had coffee with me the other day, he appreciated my garden so much!  It is a garden of bushes and impressive trees  around a small lawn, it would not be considered for the ‘Garden Festival’! I think it is pleasant and relaxing but do rather take it for granted.  The main colour is in plants on ‘the seat’ of a Penny Farthing Cycle feature, which reminds me of another mate who loves cycling!


Let’s pause! What do we see and use every day and do not really appreciate? What would we do without a water supply or central heating? How do we get rid of the rubbish if the refuse collectors  do not call?


We come to another time of restriction of movement, we will all depend on one another for support. It may be simply getting goods for others, we need to remember those who work in shops to supply us, and the NHS giving much needed care for many. We can help with reassurance, a listening ear, and incoming phone call!  We all need to remember to help each other. We should too be mindful of the Hand of God there to support us , whether we look to Him or not.


Reflect again … Though the way be long, let your heart keep strong. When all you love will be waiting there at the end of the road.

Tony Wood was Vicar of Barton for some years, he now lives in Branston.  He is also our local Newshound writing regularly for the Lichfield Mercury.  We are delighted to be able to share his musings on a weekly basis as he himself is in social isolation.  We hope it will put a smile on your face and perhaps provide some comfort in these difficult times.

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